Oxygen Concentrator - 10LPM

O2Pods come standard with 5LPM (Liters Per Minute) of Oxygen Flow into your mask or headset. You can double the Oxygen Flow into your mask from to 10LPM.
- $1000

Oxygen Masks

Your O2Pod comes with 2 masks. Order more for additional users.
- $18.00

Oxygen Headset

If mask are not comfortable, the Oxygen headset provides a sufficient, but lower concentration of oxygen.
- $18.00

Carry Bags

For transporting your O2Pod, the 3 nylon zipper bags hold the chamber, the internal frame, and the mattress and/or recliner
- $95.00

Grab Bar

For people with mobility or balance challenges, the Grab Bar straddles the chamber, making it safer and easier to enter and exit.
- $250.00

Wedge Pillow

Add a versatile wedge pillow to enhance your lying down O2Pod with 12 Positions of comfort. 22” x 22” x 12”
- $60.00

LED Lantern

Brighten your O2Pod with an adjustable, rechargeable, LED light, that hooks onto the internal steel frame to add light where and when you want it. ”
- $25.00

Oxygen Concentrator